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Who You Are: A Message To All Women

In ministry and Christian counseling, one of the biggest obstacles are the lies of the spirit of illegitimacy. This spirit refuses to accept, that through Christ, you are a new creation – born again of incorruptible seed and worthy of the blessings of the Father. Instead, the spirit of illegitimacy claims you’re a forgery, a counterfeit, an illegitimate son or daughter and therefore not qualified to receive an inheritance as a son or daughter of God.

This is the big lie that keeps so many brothers and sisters in Christ from discovering their true identity. This is the big lie that holds so many brothers and sisters in Christ from walking into their rightful inheritance as redeemed children through the blood of Christ.

The truth is… you are legitimate. You are genuine. You are more than qualified. You are highly favored. You are of the royal priesthood. You sit with Christ at the right hand of God.

That is the message in this video that one of my sisters shared with me today. Please give it a watch and receive its message into your heart.

LORD…I Need You

man-praying_x300Lord, do you remember when I called upon You? When I spoke your name and asked you to deliver me from evil?

Here I am again, Lord, and before me is the enemy’s scheme. I am not ignorant of the devil’s schemes as You warn – I see it, but against it I am weak.

It is almost as if the enemy can see into my mind and build a desire that is perfectly fit to me and no one else. It reminds me of a song I once heard, “could it be that somebody else is looking into my mind?”

Oh Lord, the scheme is not compelling. No, it’s much more subtle than that. It’s more like a hunger that must be fed or an itch that must be scratched.

My mind is divided into two wills – one that desires to follow You and be true to your call and another that burns with a desire that won’t be denied. It tears me in two. I struggle between them and I must admit, if only to You, there is a part of me that desires the darkness, the evil, and the indulgence.

The call of darkness is strong…much stronger than I, and I fear I cannot stand against it for long. The desire to yield to its temptation feels like the attraction, and comfort, and company, of an old friend. It reminds me that I once welcomed it – that we were once friends. It is warm and fuzzy in an odd way as it dangles its promise before me. My heart quickens at the promise as the arms of my mind reach for its embrace. Yet, I know, behind the curtain of attraction lie razor teeth hungry to shred and devour me, and I know, left to my own, I cannot resist – I cannot stand against it.

Hear me Oh Lord as I call upon your name. Deliver me from the evil within me. Give me strength where none exists. I cannot stand against my fallen nature alone.

Lord, I need you.

Dying to Self by Dr. Christie Self

Dr. Christie SelfJesus is our ultimate example of dying to self. He only said and did what the Father told Him. He didn’t eat for 40 days. He didn’t fall to Satan’s offers of power, prestige and fleshly satisfaction. He didn’t follow the ways of the world, instead He talked to, touched and spent time with those looked down upon, outcast, considered unclean and caught in sin. He left His wealth and power and judgment at home in heaven. He loved those who were unlovely and unloved. He didn’t set His own agenda and wasn’t ruled by a “to do list;” instead He flowed with grace and ease in the agenda of His Father. He was full of God’s Self. He was poured out and God the Father was poured in and overflowing, touching lives for all eternity.

Who would you rather be filled with? Your self or God’s Self? It’s your choice. Where you pour out, God will pour in and He will show you how to do it if you don’t know how. Ask Him today to fill you with His Self.

­­-Dr. Christie Self

Forever by Dr. Christie Self

Photo by Christie Self

Photo by Christie Self

Forever . . . God is faithful. Forever . . . His word reigns. – Dr. Christie Self

Blind and Cut Off by Dr. Christie Self

Photo by Christie Self

Photo by Christie Self

There is a blindness that is physical that can make us feel cut off from the world, left out, alone, limited. And then there is a spiritual blindness. A blindness we may not even realize we have that keeps us apart from God. It is led by deception and lies. It tells us we are independent, self-sufficient, we can go our own way and do our own thing without consequences. But it is a lie. God’s way is not the way of the world and it never will be. God is God and He is not mocked. His way is His way, His thoughts are His thoughts. If we seek Him, He will show us His ways and His thoughts. He will “lead,” “guide,” “make darkness into light,” “and rugged places into plains.” Are there dark places in your life, rugged places? His part is clear. As you seek Him and walk in relationship with Him, He will lead you. You don’t have to know the way. You just have to seek to know the One who does. The One who loves you with a depth of love so deep it’s hard to even begin to comprehend. Read the last part of the scripture again . . .

“These are the things I will do, And I will not leave them undone.” Are you ready to let go and let Him lead? You will not be disappointed. He can see what you cannot; He knows your needs and He will lead you true. – Dr.

Christie Self

Where do we go for the words we long to hear? By Dr. Christie Self


Photo by Christie Self

Photo by Christie Self

Where do we go for the words we long to hear? Words of truth and love; words that draw us to taste and see that they are sweeter than honey? There are many words and voices around us and even in us, but they are not always true and they are not always spoken in love. What voice do we listen to, trust and believe above all others? There is only one voice that will always speak the truth and will always speak out of an unending love for us. It is God’s voice; the voice of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. His word, the Bible is a garden full of His wisdom and truths and His nectar is free for all to come and partake. So drink of His truths and His love today. You are precious. You are His. He created you and He longs for you to choose to walk in His presence, in the garden of His love each and every day.

Dr. Christie Self

Graduate Stories


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[VIDEO] 4 Dysfunctional Roles People Play Who Were Raised in Dysfunctional Families

Many of us were raised in dysfunctional families. Within those systems, the family tends to enable dysfunctional roles for its members. Children on a subconscious level assume one of four roles to cope with the shame of the family. These roles, unless identified and dealt with, carry over into adulthood and can have serious effects.

What kind of roles to children and adults play as a result of their past family dynamics?

  • The Hero: Always feeling like you have to save the day, be the best at everything you try, always feeling the pressure to perform and have it all together. And for the most part, you do (appear) to have it all together. But deep down inside you’re exhausted.
  • The Invisible: No matter where you are or who you’re with, you don’t feel like you have the permission to speak up and say what you really think. You feel invisible and you don’t feel like you deserve to be heard. Subsequently you feel and think as though everyone is more important than you are.
  • The Clown: You don’t talk about the issues — you just laugh about them. You don’t accept input – you just laugh it off. Your motto in life is to not take anything seriously. But every now and then you feel so confused inside and you’re not sure why.
  • The Scapegoat: You feel guilty for the things that happen around you. As a kid, you always got into trouble and you expected to be punished. You live as though you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop, always waiting for something to happen so that you can be blamed for it. You have a “blame it on you” attitude.

Do you identify with any of these things?

Dr. Self made this video for you, to help you identify which of these habits you have been playing in life, how to understand the root of the reason why you have carried on these habits for so long, and what you can do to finally break free.

This video is so incredibly powerful. Watch and please be sure to share with a friend!

The “Understanding the Office of the Apostle” Event is THIS SATURDAY!

Details on our Facebook event page, click here.

How to Deal with Controlling People

Is there someone in your life who looks for ways to discourage you, guilt you, and manipulate you? Dr. Self made this popular video (with over 45,000 views on Youtube so far!) with you in mind. Click play to get some insights on how you can rise above the spirit of manipulation and control and be truly free.  Don’t forget to share with a friend!