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The Boa Constrictor Spirit by Dr. Nina Gardner

Dr. Nina GardnerSome time ago my pastor preached a sermon about being aware of satan’s cunning devices.  He told a true story of a woman that purchased a boa constrictor for a pet from a local merchant.  She fed the snake day after day and it became fairly large.  She saw no need to place it in a cage but it was free to roam in her home.


One day when she fed the boa, it would not eat what she gave it.  Days went by and still the snake would not eat.  Then one morning she awoke and the snake was stretched out beside her in the bed instead of being coiled up.  It was the entire length of her bed.

She became concerned that her boa was ill and took it to a vet.  And after careful examination, the vet explained this to the lady.  He said, “You have done the right thing bringing the snake for a check-up.  However, there is nothing wrong with your snake.  Please understand that the snake has now matured and will no longer take food that it did not hunt and kill for.  The reason the snake was not eating was because it was fasting for a large meal.  (Which is normal behavior for the boa.)  The reason why the snake was stretched out in your bed was because you were the next meal it was planning to eat.

So here is where I am going with this.  For a while now I have been seeing the boa constrictor spirit invading the church.  Its plan is to choke the life out of the body of Christ.  It will first attack the intercessors and prayer warriors.  If it succeeds at taking out prayer (our communication with God,) it will attack the prophets to stop the voice of God from going forth to exhort, lift up and edify the body of Christ so that it becomes defenseless.  If it can’t stop the prophet from speaking, it will proceed to the pastor and convince them to either silence the prophets or put them out of the church altogether; so again to cause the church become weak and powerless.

Then several weeks ago, I received this revelation.  Other religions have now invaded America and plans to take over.  Its goal is to stamp out Christianity.  What I saw was that these religions have stretched out themselves next to Christianity – they are no longer coiled.  They are measuring themselves by Christianity to see if they are large enough to consume it for their next meal.

In the last 12 months I have seen a mighty increase of those desiring prayer sessions and desire to become not just defensive in religion, but offensive as well.  The saints are now being girded with strength as never before.  They are being compelled by God to pray with power and believe him for the manifestations.  This boa constrictor will never truly be able to do away with the body of Christ – yet it does have the ability to lead astray many who do not pray.

Let us be prayerful and watchful for our enemy is seeking to devour.  And let us also know that Christians are about to be fierce in their assault against the kingdom of darkness as has never before been seen.  Amen!



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